Hazardous Waste Analysis

Hazardous Waste Classification

Rubo Hazardous Waste Management offers a comprehensive waste assessment and classification service, this ensures we can find the best available treatment technique for your waste. Correct waste classifications is the vital first step in complying with the UK's waste legislation, protecting the environment, and finding a reliable and cost effective disposal/recovery solution for your hazardous waste.    

Waste Sampling & Analysis 

Rubo uses a nationwide network of UKAS accredited laboratories, operating Environment Agency approved MCert techniques, ensuring high quality and accurate analysis of your hazardous waste. Rubo can also offer on site sampling of your hazardous waste by our trained chemists, including a full 'Sampling Plan', as well as sample courier services, taking the hassle out of waste testing and analysis. Having a robust and independent waste analysis allows us to make the best choices for the disposal/recovery of your hazardous waste, allowing us to protect the environment, and ensures the disposal equates to value for money.    

Waste CHARACTERISATION (EWC code, Hazard Properties)

The EA, SEPA, NIEA, and Natural Resource Wales published Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste - Technical Guidance WM3 a 185-page document governing the classification of waste. Rubo can help support your organisation comply with the complex requirements, including assigning the correct List of Waste Code (formally EWC - European Waste Catalogue code), and conducting a full Hazardous Property assessments to assign the correct HP Code. The correct analysis and classification provided by Rubo ensures your organisation complies the all the requirements of the regulator, as well as meaning your waste is treated in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.