Hazardous Waste Packing

Hazardous Waste Packaging & Storage

Rubo Hazardous Waste Management can offer a full range of solutions for safely packaging, identifying, and storing hazardous waste on your site. Our trained chemists can even provide on-site assistance and support to your organisation, helping to ensure you operate to best practices, and meet the requirements of the COSHH regulations.

On site Services

Rubo's trained chemists can visit your site to provide your organisation with the training and support to safely store and handle your hazardous waste. Our chemists can help to suitably package, label, and segregate your hazardous waste helping insure you comply with your legal and environmental responsibilities. 

United Nations (UN) Certified Packaging 

Rubo can provide a full range of UN Certified packaging (including 205 litre drums, and 1,000 litre IBCs) to meet the stringent requirements of both the COSHH, and the CODG regulations. We can provide new, reconditioned, or even provide onsite washing equipment to enable you to reuse your waste packaging.