Hazardous Waste from Chemical Industries

Rubo Hazardous Waste Management offers it's services to all industrial sectors in the UK. We aim to provide unparalleled levels of customer service to all of our clients, no matter the size or complexity of the project. One of our main areas of expertise is the chemical manufacturing sector.  The chemicals industry produces some of the most hazardous and challenging waste, so trust Rubo to help manage your organisation's hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Petrochemical


Hazardous waste from the petrochemicals industry can have a wide variety of properties, wastes ranging from contaminated waters, to production by-products, and even surplus stock and products all needing specialist assessment and treatment. Rubo is here to help you responsibly manage your hazardous waste.  

Hazardous Waste Agrochemicals

AGROCHEMICAL Hazardous Waste  

Hazardous waste from the agrochemicals sector can present some of the greatest environmental challenges. Herbicides, and pesticides, often prove to be some of the trickiest wastes to safely dispose of. Let Rubo's specialists help ensure you stay compliant to the UK's waste regulations.   



Hazardous waste from the pharmaceutical industry can present unique properties, as often they can pose a specific risk to human health. Rubo's commitment to safety ensures your waste will be dealt with in a safe and responsible manner. 

Hazardous Waste Chemical

Contract Chemical MAnufacturing

Hazardous waste from the contract chemical manufacturing can be wide ranging and vary greatly due to the changing nature of the business. Specialist assessment is vital in ensuring the waste it dealt with promptly, allowing production to continue. Contact Rubo today to help manage your waste in a cost effective manner.  

Rubo Hazardous Waste Management can offer our specialist hazardous waste services to a full rage of UK chemical manufacturers, including, flavours/fragrances, polymers, paints/sealants/adhesives, fine organic and inorganic chemical manufacturers. Contact us today to discuss your organisation's specific requirements.